Get A Feel For Potential Settlement Ranges

attorneys meet to review an insurance settlement offer.

A team of lawyers meets to discuss an insurance settlement that resulted from a three car accident.

We all know there is no such thing as an “average” insurance settlement.  Every case is determined on its own unique set of facts.
But by looking at other settlements in similar cases, we are better equipped to gauge the potential settlement ranges in our cases. Having an insight into average insurance settlements may help you better understand the situation you are in.

Most consumers are woefully under insured. Being involved in a car accident can easily cost a driver hundred thousands of dollars yet the law requires only a minimum 15,000 for death or injury and 5,000 towards property damage in California.

Other states vary, but not by much.  With minimum liability insurance and you’re found liable, or even partly liable for the accident, and there are medical bills for 100K you could be held responsible for the remaining $85,000.

The difference in cost for 100k liability insurance and the state minimum of 15k might be less than $10.00 extra per month.

This website aims to help consumers better understand insurance settlements amounts so that they can better protect themselves from the financial devastation of a car accident, someone getting hurt on your property, and other types of incidents in which a person might be held liable for the injury of another person or their property.

These financial disasters could have been eased or avoided all together with better insurance.

This image is a sign board of a thank you note: Many personal injury attorneys contributed their settlements. They do so in an effort to help educate the public. This image is a special call out to salute their courage and commitment

Many personal injury attorneys contributed their settlements. They do so to help educate the public.

Thank you to all of the personal injury attorneys who took the time to submit their settlements.  Your contributions towards educating the general public are laudatory.

It’s a frightening experience to be caught unaware and millions are when they are either hurt and face astronomical medical bills or responsible for paying another person’s bill and find our that their insurance is woefully inadequate.

Your settlements go a long way in helping people properly prepare themselves from sudden and swift financial ruin.

If you’re a personal injury attorney and you would like to help….. Get in touch.


Car Accident Settlements

Statistically, most US drivers are involved in 2 to 3 car accidents over the course of their lives. Most result in settlements or lawsuits.

If you’re the victim you’re probably curious about what type of settlement you might be expecting. If you or your insurance company are being sued or negotiating a settlement, it’s helpful to know what to expect.

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Personal Injury Settlements

Hundreds of thousands of lawsuits are filed every year. More than 98% of settled before reaching a courtroom. Personal injury claims make up the majority of these settlements.

While it’s not possible to know exactly how much money you many be receiving or how much you’ll be paying out if your insurance coverage isn’t adequate for the claim amount.

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Car Accident

This image is a crashed car. Accidents, falls, dog bites happen extraordinarily fast. Someone is always responsible for the medical costs. The bills can be extremely high.

“No one expects a car accident or an unexpected in injury. One moment everything is fine. The next is a disaster. Medical bills, whether you’re the injured OR the responsible party, the cost of medical treatment is astronomical.

Bodily Injury Claim of J1

Description of Incident: Respondent/Insured rear-ended claimant’s vehicle at rate between 5 and 10 mph.  Claimant stopped at red light in left turn lane at time of collision.

Description of Injuries:  Soft tissue injuries. Initial treatment day of incident. Gaps in further treatment.

Amount of Bodily Injury Settlement: $15,000.00
Insurance Company:   Old Republic General Insurance Corp./ TPA Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.

Car Accident

Description of Incident: Respondent/Insured crashed into front left side of claimant’s moving truck on freeway.  Respondent/Insured cited for driving under the influence.

Description of Injuries:  Respondent treated for neck and back injuries.  No gaps in treatment. Aggravation of pre-existing back condition.

Opening Demand: 50k
Opening Offer: $22,500.00