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Join our community. Publish your insurance settlements and help protect consumers.

Join our community. Publish your insurance settlements
and help protect consumers. 

Many consumers face financial disaster when they are caught under insured. They simply don’t understand how costly a traffic accident, dog bite, etc. can be. By viewing real insurance settlements our hope is that they will better protect themselves against such incidents.

Another goal of this site is to bring transparency to the insurance settlements. For far too long consumers, and their attorneys have been left in the dark by insurance companies.

By publishing your settlements on AverageInsuranceSettlements.com you’re proving invaluable community support.

Our site aims to recognize and reward attorneys who contribute. Here’s how –

3 Ways Publishing On AIS Could Help You

1) Branding. Attorneys who submit settlements for publishing on averageinsurancesettlement.com are getting exposed to people and potential clients.

Many of these people, based on their search intent, might be looking to hire an attorney.

2 ) Verification. Average Insurance Settlement is a neutral third party website.

When consumers read your settlement that’s an excellent piece of branding work for your practice.

3) Visibility. Google, Bing, and other search engines rank websites using many, many factors.

One important criteria they use is to look at websites in related fields and see what they saying about your online presence.

When the search engines find references about your practice on other sites like averageinsurancesettlement.com it’s a sign of value.

How To Contribute Settlements

We’ve made the process as simple as possible. –

Online – Download this questionnaire (word doc) and email it back to us at keith@AverageInsuranceSettlement.Com

By Telephone – Set up an appointment for us to transcribe your settlements. It takes about 10 minutes per settlement.

Please download the questionaire to help speed up the process. Email us to set up an appointment.

In Person – We’ll come to your office and transcribe your settlements in person. It’s always great to put a face with a
name! Appointments are limited. Email us for availability.